3 unvaccinated persons die from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours – Health Minister


The Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony, today, stated that over the last 24 hours Guyana has had 3 new COVID 19 related deaths. He added that the three persons were unvaccinated.

Additionally, 290 new cases were recorded.

The Minister explained that this now takes the total number of active cases to 2646 and of that number, 125 are hospitalized. 37 persons remain in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Speaking about vaccination, the Minister related that 325,095 adults received a first dose of the vaccine which represents 63.4 per cent of the adult population. 170,125 persons are fully immunized which represents 33.2 per cent of the adult population and 15,241 children would’ve their first dose of Pfizer vaccine which represents 20.9 per cent of persons within the age range of 12 to 17.

“Region 1 now, they’re leading in terms of the first dose. They’re leading the whole country. Regions 8 and 7 have not been doing as well as we would like them to do,” the Minister mentioned.

“With the J&J vaccines, we’ll be rolling out some of that in Region 8 later this week and those are single-dose vaccines and hopefully we’ll be able to move the numbers up in Region 8 since it’s just one dose that you’ll have to get,” he continued.