3 injured after trucks topple along Kwakwani to Linden trail


Three persons received injuries about their bodies after a truck transporting lumber toppled in the vicinity of Goat Farm, along the Kwakwani to Linden trail in Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

Police reports indicate that motor lorry GSS 8971 was heading to Linden when the truck suffered a blowout on Sunday afternoon, resulting in the accident.

Those who are injured are the driver, 35-year-old Leon Adams; a porter, whose name is unknown; and a ‘sawman’ identified as Jermaine Loyden of Ituni.

The porter reportedly sustained the most severe injuries, suffering from a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.

All three men were taken to the Linden Hospital Complex where they were treated. The porter remains a patient at the institution.

Meanwhile, also on Sunday afternoon, another truck which was also transporting lumber toppled along the Kwakwani to Linden trail, in the vicinity of Bamboo area.

In that accident, all occupants escaped unharmed.