3 injured after security officer opens fire indiscriminately at supermarket


Three persons were shot on Sunday by a security officer who allegedly discharged a loaded firearm indiscriminately at the Good Luck 1 Supermarket, Block X Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown.

The injured men are 27-year-old Jamal Bruce, a contractor of D Field Sophia; 28-year-old Treatnon Liverpool, a labourer of B Field Sophia and Joshua Mentore, 22, a delivery man of Patterson, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown.

The shooting incident reportedly occurred at about 13:30h.

The suspect is alleged to be a 45-year-old security guard attached to the CMC Reliable Security Service, who was armed with an Escort Magnum shotgun at the supermarket.

Police stated that Bruce was a customer at the supermarket and while there, he started to behave in a disorderly manner and was threatening the female staff members.

The staff reported same to the security guard, who then asked Bruce to leave the premises but he refused. An argument ensued between Bruce and the security officer and at the same time, Liverpool entered the supermarket and attempted to calm the situation down.

Bruce, however, continued to behave in a disorderly manner despite being asked to desist from doing so. The security guard, according to reports, then opened fire in their direction, causing Liverpool to receive injuries to his neck.

Bruce ran out of the supermarket and the security officer went after him and continued shooting at him. He would have received injuries about his body.

While the shots were being fired, Mentore, who was across the road standing at a shop, received injuries to his right leg and right arm.

The victims were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where they were treated and admitted in stable condition. The matter was reported and an investigation was launched.

Four 12-gauge cartridges along with one live cartridge were recovered at the scene. The suspect was arrested and is presently in custody assisting with the investigation.

The Police are reviewing the CCTV footage.