3 in custody for supermarket robbery

The Supermarket that was robbed by the armed men

Three persons were arrested for the robbery committed on a No.19 Berbice Supermarket and the assault of several people including a pregnant woman.

The Supermarket that was robbed by the armed men

As police source confirmed that two of the men were arrested on Wednesday evening while the third was arrested on Thursday. The men are from Savannah Park, New Amsterdam and Adelphi, East Canje.

The source told the Guyana Times that the men are holding out that they were not part of the robbery.  Nevertheless, the men remain in custody as police continue their investigations. On Wednesday evening, five men armed with guns and cutlasses invaded the supermarket during which they held up the owner, Dewan Ramdeo and 14 customers.

A section of the ransacked supermarket

The men escaped with two mobile phones from customers along with their jewellery. They also removed $650,000 in cash; $50,000 in phone cards and food items from the shelves and refrigerators.

In addition, they carted off with US$1000, along with jewellery valued at $315,000, GY$15,000 and a cellular phone belonging to a relative of Ramdeo who was visiting from the United States.

It was reported that the first bandit to enter the establishment ordered everyone to lie on the ground. He was carrying a firearm and his face was covered.

During that time, several customers were kicked in their faces as they attempted to get a glimpse of what was happening. The owner’s son as well as his pregnant relative was also assaulted by the masked men. Investigations are ongoing.


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