3 in custody for attempting to bribe cop

The money used in the attempt to bribe the cop

The Guyana Police Force has arrested three persons including a female after they attempted to bribe a police officer to forego investigations against one of them

This incident transpired at the Golden Grove Police Station at about 17:30 hours on Saturday.

Police say a 37-year-old male was apprehended on two sentence warrants and escorted to the Golden Grove Police Station and placed in custody.

While there, he requested a telephone call to his lawyer which was facilitated by the police.

The suspect was visited by the attorney-at-law and shortly afterwards, by a 25-year-old female who gave him a package.

The detained male then requested to speak to the investigating officer which was granted. In the presence of another policeman, he gave the investigating officer $700,000 cash to forego investigation/prosecution against him.

The investigating officer immediately told the male of the offence committed and cautioned him.

The monies were marked and lodged pending charges.

Thereafter, the female visitor and another male, 38, were contacted and told of the offence of Conspiracy to Commit a Felony with a Corrupt Transaction with an Agent.

They too were cautioned, arrested and placed in custody pending further investigations and charges.