3 Guyanese miners killed, more injured in bordering Venezuela camp

The bodies at the Port Kaituma mortuary in the northwest

Three miners identified as Vernon Eudoxie, 55; Cologne Solomon, 23, and Samuel Moses, 19, of Port Kaituma were all killed when their camp at Imataka on the Venezuelan side of the border was raided by four gunmen on Wednesday morning.

Dead: Vernon Eudoxie

This publication understands that around 6:25hrs on Thursday their bodies arrived at the Port Kaituma mortuary in the northwest.

Dead: Cologne Solomon (SN Image)

Reports are that three other miners were injured in the raid which reportedly saw the gunmen opening fire after demanding that the miners turn over their valuables.

Police in a released statement identified one of the injured men as Joel Paton, 22,  who is said to be in a serious condition at a medical institution, nursing several suspected gunshot wounds about his body.

The injured victim and the now deceased were part of a team employed by a Brazilian miner, operating a land dredge approximately three miles from the Guyana border.

The news of the raids and the miners deaths came swiftly following reports of gunmen wreaking Havoc in the Region 7 interior.

Just recently two gold mining camps, among several, in Region 7 were confirmed raided and the occupants severely beaten by gunmen who robbed the respective miners of their gold and valuables.

Further exacerbating the situation is the roughness of the terrain which, according to the “F” Division Commander Rabindranauth Budhram, is slowing down the pace at which officers can get to the camps.

With respect to the recent murders of the Guyanese miners in Venezuela, the Commander told this publication that because the killings occurred in Venezuela they do not have much to go on in terms of their investigations.

The gunmen this publications understands were Spanish speaking.

More details will be provided in a subsequent report.


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