3 arrested, motorcycle impounded for $2M robbery in South Ruimveldt


Police have arrested three suspects and impounded an XR motorcycle following an armed robbery committed on a female clerk Friday afternoon in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, by six bandits.

It was reported that the clerk had uplifted $2 million from the head office of her place of employment and left to go pay workers at Cane View Avenue, South Ruimveldt.

Upon arriving at the location, the woman parked her motorcar and was waiting to pay the workers, as she usually does.

However, while waiting in the car sometime around 16:30h, she noticed six men on three XR motorcycles approaching the car and stopped.

Two of the pillion riders dismounted the motorbikes and approached her with firearms drawn. They demanded that she hand over the money, which she refused to do.

As such, the suspects then forced open the driver side door of the car, pulled her out and began to cuff her about her stomach and face.

One of the suspects then picked up the cash, which was secured in an envelope. Another one of the perpetrators discharged three rounds, one in the air and two in the direction of the car after which they all made good their escape.

Investigations have led to the arrest of the three persons.

Investigations into the matter are continuing.