2nd suspect in Corentyne murder caught


The second suspect wanted for the death of a Williamsburg, Corentyne, Berbice man, whose body was discovered on December 29, 2016, partially submerged in a canal at Williamsburg, with marks of violence was nabbed on Friday.

Dead: Mohan Ball
Dead: Mohan Ball

Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam on Thursday told the media that officers were able to arrest the second suspect in the murder of Mohan Ball.

A post-mortem examination conducted on the body of the 49-year-old man was inconclusive.

Autopsy reports indicate that Ball’s body bore marks of violence but none were life-threatening. The report also indicated that water was seen in the deceased’s lungs. The man also had problems with his heart, the autopsy found.

Villagers say Ball was seen earlier in the day drinking with the two men. The three were later seen embroiled in a fight, with the dead man being pounced upon by the other two. Reports say Ball was held by the feet and dragged along the street.

One of the two suspects was allegedly seen wearing wet clothes and in the vicinity of where the body was later found. The suspect was riding a bicycle at the time.

Some villagers referred to the deceased as a “junkie” of Lot 74 Hampshire South, Corentyne.

Police had been on the hunt for the two men since last week and had gone to many homes in the Albion area. Divisional Commander Amsterdam noted that ranks had also gone into the backdam in search of the two men, but had come up empty-handed.

On Thursday, the first suspect was found at a house in Albion. Following leads,Police were able to make a second arrest the following day. investigations are continuing. (Andrew Carmichael: Guyana Times)


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