2nd pirate attack leaves 1 dead, crew members missing


Almost one week after pirates attacked four boats on the Atlantic Ocean, displacing 16 fishermen most of whom are feared dead, another attack was reportedly staged on Wednesday evening in the vicinity of Matapica Canal, Suriname, leaving one fisherman dead, while his crew members have gone missing.

One of the four fishing boats that sunk during the first pirate attack

The identity of the dead man is yet to be ascertained.

According to information received, Suriname law enforcement officers are presently at the scene where the attack reportedly occurred.

Meanwhile, four bodies were recovered on Wednesday following last Saturday’s piracy attack.

The bodies were reportedly hidden away in the thick Wai Wai mud flat on Suriname’s territory.

One of the bodies located

They have since been transported to Parimaribo.

INews understands that the decomposed bodies bore several signs of marks of violence.

On Saturday last, four boats were attacked by pirates in the Atlantic Ocean in the vicinity of Wia Wia bank.

A total of approximately 20 fishermen were reportedly robbed, beaten and thrown overboard. At least four managed to swim to shore and reported the incident to Dutch law enforcement officials. The names of the missing men have not been officially released.

So far, the authorities in Guyana are actively trying to pursue the pirates of the first attack who, based on information provided, are suspected to be Guyanese.

Moreover, reports reaching this publication indicate that arrests have been made in connection with the first attack, however this is yet to be confirmed by law enforcement officials.


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