2AM curfew relaxed until May 30


Celebrations throughout the country are expected to be in full swing from tomorrow when the 02:00AM curfew implemented by the government will be relaxed to accommodate festivities leading up to Guyana’s 50th Independence Jubilee celebrations.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, consequent upon an inundation of requests from businesses and the general public seeking to fully celebrate the 50th Independence Anniversary of Guyana, it will temporarily relax the enforcement of the 2:00 AM business deadline to 4:00 AM for bars, night clubs and other places of entertainment. This will be done in conjunction with the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

“It is a time for celebration and knowing the Guyanese spirit the Ministry has seen the need for this relaxation. The period during which the 2 a.m. deadline will be extended to 4 a.m. is from Friday, May 20 to Monday, May 30, 2016. However, businesses and individuals are asked to note that the GPF will continue to investigate and prosecute noise nuisance reports, drinking and driving, and other offences during this period,” a media release from the Public Security Ministry today stated.


  1. You know this amnesty (which more than likely will become permanent), is totaly unecessary, and a retrogade step, as our thousands of visitors are all acustomed to enjoying themselves up 12.00 latest 1.00 am, then home get some zzzzs, then up refreshed and ready for the next day..No we need to prove we are basically people that must drink, party, then drive while drunk, becaause we can.We better grow up as a nation, and get our prorities right, drinking 8 to 9 hour every night, and pretending to be productive the next day is pitifull.No we is Guyanese ,and this is what we do best! SCHUUPS.


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