27 vehicles impounded by Police with obscured number plates


Some 27 motor vehicles were on Tuesday impounded in Georgetown by ranks of the Guyana Police Traffic Department which were found to have prohibited obscured identification marks.

After being impounded, the vehicle owners were all reprimanded for the violation which they committed and later released.

Traffic Chief Superintendent, Linden Isles is urging owners and drivers of motor vehicles to comply with the law as it relates to Identification Mark (number plates) or face the consequence of being prosecuted.

As such, a reminder is now being sent out to the general public advising that that all motor vehicles driven on the roads must have a distinctive identification mark.

“Said figures must be inscribed in white on a black surface and no letter or figure shall be capable of being detached from such surface. And all letters and figures must also be three and a half inches high; every part of each letter and figure must be five-eighth of an inch broad and the total width of the space taken by every letter or figure must be two and a half inches” the Police said in a statement.


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