27 children nabbed during truancy campaign in Pomeroon

Students of Karawab in their new school.


Students of Karawab in their new school.
Students of Karawab in their new school.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Department of Education in Region Two recently conducted a series of truancy campaigns in the Pomeroon river in order to ensure children attend school.

According to Senior School Welfare Officer of Region Two, Haimraj Hamandeo, 27 children were nabbed during the truancy campaign conducted in the Lower and Upper Pomeroon River.

He explained that lack of transportation and financial difficulties contributed to the children’s absence in school; in this regard parents were advised to visit the Department of Education so that referrals can be made to different agencies for financial assistance.

He said the campaign aims to ensure that children attend school regularly and increase school attendance at nursery, primary and secondary level in the Upper and Lower Pomeroon River.

The areas targeted were Malbough, Hackney, Kayamuri Creek and Kabakaburi. He said officers from the Department of Education spoke with parents on the importance of children having an education and attending school regularly.

According to Hamandeo, measures put in place to encourage children to attend school and letters were issued to parents whose children were not attending school.

The truancy campaign is expected to continue.



  1. It’s good to see the efforts being made by the Education Department of that region to ensure that children be in school no matter what their circumstances. But what is most commendable about this report is that the reporter did not single out any school as was the case when a similar campaign was carried out in central Bartica about three years ago, in which a school was named, which I believe should not have happened.


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