25-year-old jailed for 4 months for stealing from church


A West Berbice man was yesterday jailed for four months by city Magistrate Fabayo Azore for breaking and entering a church.

The accused, Raul Ramsaywack, told the court he is 25 years old and originally from Rosignol Village, West Bank Berbice.

courtHe pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that on April 21, at Norton Street, Lodge, Georgetown, he broke and entered the Bethel Full Gospel Church with intent to commit a felony.

Police Prosecutor Simone Payne told the court that on the day in question, the defendant was seen hiding behind a piano in the church when he was caught.

The Police were summoned to the scene and the man was told of the allegation. According to Prosecutor Payne, he remained silent during questioning and was taken to the Police station.

When given a chance to speak, the defendant told the court that someone took him to the church but ran away and left him when he was caught.
As such he was sentenced to four months in prison.


  1. Why was this prisoner not allowed to pay his debt to the society by being assigned a period of community service which must include in most part hard labour.
    He did not harm anyone and in my mind does not required custodial sentence while sadly being awarded free boarding and lodging at the expense of the taxpayers.


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