$22M to be spent on new vehicle for Prime Minister

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC government is seeking to spend $22 million to purchase a four-wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle for Prime Minister Nagamootoo.

According to GINA, this vehicle would be used for travelling to rural and Hinterland areas. During consideration of the 2015 budget estimates, it was revealed that in the 2014 budget, $23 million was allocated by the PPP government to purchase a high-end Land Cruiser for then Prime Minister Samuel Hinds but he never got the vehicle.

The disclosure was made by Nagamootoo, during the examination of the 2015 estimates. It was disclosed that the $23 million was spent by former Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh on a Land Cruiser and other vehicles and that the Office of the Prime Minister was used merely as a “parking lot for the multi-million money-bag”.

It was explained that the $23 million was transferred to the Ministry of Finance and used to buy “one of several elite vehicles that were at the disposal of Minister Singh and not the then Prime Minister”.

From the sum of $23 million, $18.2 million was used by the Ministry of Finance to acquire a new Toyota Land Cruiser and the balance spent on purchasing a Toyota Corolla car and a Toyota Surf. The three vehicles, which were never handed over to the Office of the Prime Minister have since been recovered.

Because the vehicles were never added to the fleet for the Office of the Prime Minister, an allocation of $22 million is now being sought to buy a four-wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle for Prime Minister Nagamootoo.

It was revealed to the House that, between 2012 and 2014, some $50 million was voted by the PPP regime to buy vehicles for the Office of the Prime Minister but when it demitted office, only eight old reconditioned vehicles were recovered.



  1. it is sad to see no matter which party is in power all of them is only interested in their personal benefits while the people is get poorer this is capitalism to the fullest

  2. Congratulations INEWS. You have selected the most appropriate picture to go with this article. How fitting to see the NAMAKHARAM applauding. Getting his new set of wheels with all the latest electronic space age gadgets. Does it come with a siren as well?

  3. Totally agreed Maharanee however these APNU+AFC=PNC supporters cannot comprehend that they are supporting a dictatorship regime. These idiots are out to full their pockets and suffer the ordinary man on the streets.


  5. Why does such a small country need so many leaders When you have cities in other countries with much larger population that is much more efficient and effective? When will these leaders put country first?….very sad…PPP, APNU, AFC, they are all corrupt, shameless and inefficient. The Guyanese people need to unite and vote them all out of office and start with a clean slate.

  6. This is exactly how The French Queen & Marie Antoinette lost her neck on the guillotine on October 16th., 1793. In the last days of her husband King Louis XVI’s reign of terror over the poor, hungry and downtrodden masses of France whe uttered that since there was a shortage of bread ‘let them eat cake’.

    Nagamootoo needs to be cognisant of the fact that if he cannot get around the rural areas with his car then he should certainly get an existing 4X4 pickup or even hitch a ride on a tractor and not subject the hapless taxpayer to anymore unjustifiable expenditure because the economy is about to collapse for all intensive purposes. Rice is facing a serious predicament, sugar is on its last leg, bauxite, gold and timber are facing uncertain times.

    He has no moral authority from hereon to lecture Bharat Jagdeo, Ashni Singh and the rest of the PPP cabal on anything because he demonstrating that he is no different and should be leading by example. There are a number of more pressing issues of urgent national importance to deal with such as drainage, irrigation, border & cyber security, job creation, failing education, abuse of women & children including incest & rape, rampant crime rivalled only by the incompetence of those in leadership positions.

    Nagamootoo seems for all intensive purposes hellbent in becoming the main character in our local rendition of “The Emperor’s New Clothes’ and judging from all indicators – his penchant for a luxury land-cruiser is clearly a damning signal of misguided priorities at multiple levels of the 100 days plus APNU+AFC regime.

  7. This dunce of a prime minister Guyana has could not have made it with the PPP back in 1992 because Jagan knew his education level was too low to promote him within the administration. He saw Jagdeo got rich off ED Ahmed, Sonny Ramdeo and Roger Khan and he foolishly think that it came from being the president of Guyana….wake up Nagamotoo….the only difference will be NOW: Naga will be stealing tax payer dollars to fill his pocket which will eventually LAND him in JAIL! This is exactly what Granger and company will Do…Nagamotoo is already in the spotlight for false things, Ramjattan is already in the spot light for cannot controlling the crime rate…these clowns will be forced to resign leaving an ALL black minister crew….good plan Granger and Co….

  8. Where were you when the pppc bought the most expensive vehicles and after when the new government took office can’t find them. What should he used to go into the interior etc. It’s people like you who l am disgusted and shamed of. Dnt you realize that your blogs are read. Now study the last sentence and see if you can make some sense out of it.

  9. dude the 10 000 even if it was a political gimmick would have gone a far way to help with your above comment with you giving 10 for school supply then again I am sure you forget about that post just like your government just like your government one more thing which combat Guyana is engaging in please enlighten me

  10. Even if it were, the new govt has said it couldn’t afford it, cut the $10,000 school uniform grant, and is now buying the prime minister a $24M vehicle. It doesn’t matter who is in govt or what side you’re on, this is an affront to the working class taxpayer. This is ridiculous, for a small third world country to spend this kind of money on a prime minister’s vehicle. Ridiculous!

  11. We knew this was coming all along,this is all this low life Nagga is about,the greed for power and to live off the backs of the people in this country,this is the same man who was cussing the ppp about wasting money and he is doing the same and even worse,he needs new house,new vehicle and raise of pay for being in office for 3 months,this is what we were warned about but some didnt listen and now the poor is being neglected to fund the greedy.

  12. For all you in here ranting about what Politicians doing in Guyana , how about you guys put your money where your mouth is , sponsor a child in need, help someone with back to school supplies , how about each one of you that’s here watching politicians, while making foolish comments go out and spend $10 on school supplies to help a family member, a friend ,a neighbor or someone in need of a book ,some pencils, some crayons etc, I been doing this for the last 13 years ,even while I was away on my combat tours.

  13. dude the $10,000 school grant was a political gimmick, by the PPP Government to buy vote dunce , why you think the grant was handed out by Rumotar, Hines and other ministers ? why wasn’t the program administered by the MOE?

  14. The entire world will be witness to whom are living “the good life” as promised over and over by the illegally installed rulers of Guyana. Mind you PPP/C is not my cup of tea. These illegally installed rulers broke almost every election promise now they are chatting it up in parliament how the Guyanese all Guyanese will enjoy “the good life” under their illegal rule. Ten thousand taken away from parents with school kids has the be “the good life” these installed rulers yapping about?

  15. vehicle and house thats all nagas interested in. how much 10 000 would that amount to for the school children. He will fly to the hinterland anyways where is the need for this type of vehicle. It seems its justifiable once the ppp did it is this the change you do the same thing at a lesser amount ?????


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