229 persons died from Covid-19 for 2022 thus far

A Covid-19 vaccination site

A total of 229 persons who were infected with the novel coronavirus this year have died, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony revealed today.

In total, the country recorded 1,248 deaths since the pandemic hit Guyana in March 2020.

For that year, 164 deaths were recorded. In 2021, 891 Covid fatalities occurred – largely due to the Delta wave.

Dr Anthony noted that majority of the deaths for 2022 occurred in January, which had 116 fatalities. In February, there were 48 deaths, in March – 7, in April – 2, in May – 9, in June – 18, and in July 16.

For August, there were 7 deaths, three in September and zero in October.

For November, three fatalities were registered. Samples have since been sent overseas for testing to determine which Covid variant triggered those fatalities.