22-yr-old electrocuted in bid to hang self


A 22-year-old East Coast Demerara man was allegedly electrocuted during a bid to commit suicide.

Dead is Vickram Bridgmohan of Phase Two, Good Hope, ECD. The young man reportedly lived alone in a dilapidated wooden house.

He was discovered dead sometime around 11:00h on Sunday by his sister who lives next door. At the time that he was found, Bridgmohan had a wire wrapped around his neck. He is believed to have been mentally unstable.

According to his sister, Seema, she usually cooks for the young man. She explained that Bridgmohan went to her on Sunday morning for food but she was not finished cooking.

The woman said that sometime later that morning, she called for her younger brother to collect his food but after calling several times, there was no response. As such, she went over to the house to get him.

She further stated that after walking a few steps towards the upper flat, she turned around and saw Bridgmohan in a sitting position with the wire wrapped around his neck.

His back was against the wall which had a fuse box and wires attached. At the time of the discovery, Bridgmohan was bleeding from his nostrils and mouth, she added.

The upper flat of the building is an open space with the only piece of furniture being a bed. There were spots of blood, both fresh and stale, around the room and according to the woman, the young man previously had a cut on his hand.

The body of the 22-year-old was taken to Lyken’s Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem. An investigation is ongoing.