22-year-old man electrocuted with ‘homemade drop cord’


Ian Andrews, 22, of Palmyra, East Coast Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) is now dead after being electrocuted by a homemade drop cord.

Dead; Ian Andrews
Dead; Ian Andrews

Reports are that Andrews, who lived alone, might have been taking the drop cord which had a bulb attached to it, to the lower flat of the building when the incident occurred.

Andrews’ mother, Sara, said last Thursday she tried to make contact with her son, but her calls to his cellular phone went unanswered.

“On Friday, I decided to call an aunt asking her to make a check on him.” The aunt did as instructed, but got no response when she called.

According to the grieving mother, after not getting information about her son, she called the Guyana Beverage Inc where he was employed and was told that he did not show up for work.

This, she said, made her more suspicious. “I told his aunt to go back to the house again and on the second visit to the house, she peeped through a hole and noticed that the back door was opened.

“So she decided to go around the back and when she glanced in, she saw him lying face down on the floor.” The discovery was made on Saturday.

INews understands that there were problems with the electrical wiring of the house.

The dead man’s mother said on Thursday her son was preparing to attend a religious function at which he was officiating. He was already dressed and only had to put on his footwear, it was noted. “And then he just had to hang the drop cord and like when he was going to hang the drop cord with the bulb so that he could see when he come back home, something happen and that was the end.”

Ian leaves to mourn his mother and one brother.



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