22% increase in robberies – GPF says in latest report


…serious crimes down

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has recorded a nine per cent decrease in serious crimes at the end of September 2018, when compared to the corresponding period last year. However, this reduction comes even as the country’s premier law enforcement agency reports increases in several categories of robberies.

In the monthly crime statistics issued on Thursday, the Force disclosed that there was a 22 per cent increase in robberies, where no instruments were used (39 against 32 cases in the same period last year) and a four per cent increase in robbery with violence (114 against 110 cases).

However, the other categories of serious crime recorded a declining trend. These include: robbery under arms where firearms were used, which saw a three per cent decline (464 against 477); robbery under arms where instruments other than firearms were used, recording a 20 per cent decrease (177 against 221 cases); a 36 per cent reduction (39 against 61 cases) in robbery with aggravation; and larceny from the person going down by 13 per cent (94 against 108 cases).

Additionally, there were decreases in burglary, which went down by nine per cent (149 against 163 cases) as well as in break and enter and larceny which declined by 11 per cent (710 against 801 cases).

Meanwhile, as it relates to murder, the Police said there was also a 17 per cent reduction recorded with a total of 72 cases at the end of September 2018, compared to 87 during the same period last year.

A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) saw the highest number of murders during this time with 18 cases, followed by C Division (East Coast Demerara) which had 16 cases and then by B Division (Berbice) with 13 cases.

D Division (West Demerara-East Bank Essequibo) and F Division (Bartica-Interior Locations) recorded nine murder cases each, while E Division (Linden-Kwakwani) had four cases and G Division (Essequibo Coast-Islands) had three cases.

Additionally, it was reported that of the 72 murder cases: 30 were disorderly; 20 were domestic-related; 13 committed during robberies, one execution and eight of unknown nature.

On the other hand, the Police also reported a two per cent increase in rape cases, with 189 so far this year compared to 186 cases recorded during the same period last year.

With regards to the seizure of firearms, a total of 97 illegal weapons were taken off the streets by the end of September. This includes 54 pistols; 22 revolvers; 15 shotguns; five rifles and a sub-machine gun. These figures are similar to the 97 unlicensed guns seized during the corresponding period last year.
Forty-three of these weapons were found in A Division; 17 in F Division; 14 in B Division; 10 in C Division; seven in D Division; four in E Division and two in G Division.
In relation to the traffic statistics at the end of September 2018, there was a 5.7 per cent decrease in fatal accidents with 74 cases resulting in a total of 86 deaths including two children. However, the Police Force had disclosed that as of Thursday, October 11, 2018, there have been a total of 90 road fatalities thus far this year, with September accounting for a staggering 22 deaths.

Furthermore, it was also reported that there were decreases in serious, minor and damage accidents, with 31.5 per cent (184 cases against 269 last year), 46 per cent (21 against 405 cases) and 27.1 per cent (526 against 722) respectively.
Again, pedestrians were named the main category of road users killed, with 31 such persons having lost their lives at the end of September. Car occupants followed with 20 cases, then pedal cyclists with 15 cases, and motorcyclists with 11 cases. Additionally, four drivers were killed and one pillion rider, while two minibus occupants and two persons being towed on bicycles also lost their lives on the roadways.

Moreover, the Police noted that speeding continues to be the major contributing factor to road accidents, causing 36 of the fatal accidents that occurred during these nine months. This is followed by inattentiveness with 16 with cases, drunk driving with 12 cases, pedestrians crossing in the path of approaching vehicles with eight cases and one case of failure to confirm to road sign.

In addition, continued traffic enforcement efforts by the Police have resulted in a total of 66,865 cases being made against errant road users as of the end of September. Of this, a total of 21,910 cases were for speeding; 2928 for driving under the influence of alcohol; 4445 for failure to wear seat belt; 651 for using cellphones while driving; 2194 for tinted vehicles; 1985 for unlicensed driving; 497 for dangerous driving; and 440 for careless driving, among others.
There was an additional 18,670 cases made out against errant road users for other traffic-related matters.



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