21-yr-old deportee sets car on fire, explosion destroys parents’ house

he remains of the two story wood and concrete building at Number 59 Village
Two persons are now homeless and a third is in police custody after a car was set ablaze.
The car and a two-storied house were completely destroyed in the blaze yesterday afternoon. The late afternoon fire at Second Street Number 59 Village, Corentyne, was eventually put out by the Springlands branch of the Guyana Fire Service.
 INews understands that a 21-year-old who was recently deported from the United States set the fire which left his parents homeless.
According to reports, Dhanraj Rambally and his 21-year-old son Dhanraj Vivekanand were imbibing during the day.
DESTROYED: The fire destroyed this wood and concrete building at Number 59 Village
One eye witness relate that Anjanee Rambally was not at home at the time when the man and his son were involved in a slight argument.
One resident who asked not to be named said the 21-year-old took a bottle with flammable liquid and throw it in a car which at the time was parked under the house. This publication was told that shortly after the fire was started there was an explosion and the car went four feet into the air. “When the gas tank catch, the car blow up and pitch right up to the flooring… Is then the flooring start to blaze and then the fire spread.”
 A neighbour, Shirley Samaroo, said when she rushed to the scene Anjanee Rambally had already gotten home. She said the woman lamented that she had not opened several barrels which recently arrived in the country.
What remained of the car that was set alight
Rambally and her husband returned to Guyana in June and had been depending on an income from two cars which are rented.
Samaroo said no one attempted to douse the fire. “The man drunk and lie down across the road but everybody think that is the boy beat he and he dead… he tell everybody that is he car and lea it bun, so nobody do anything to out the fire,” Samaroo added.
Chairman of the Community Policing Group (CPG) Dashrat Mahobir said when he arrived on the scene he realized that the fire service was not contacted and he immediately contacted both agencies. According to the CPG Chairman, the Police from the Number 51 Police Station asked him if there was a suspect and instructed him to arrest the suspect. “I find out and people say that is he burn down the house so I make sure that no body didn’t do him anything and I hand him over to the police when they come.”
“The man gave a statement to the police right in front of me and the fire police saying that he use kerosene and gasoline and a lighter to start the fire.”
Police are investing.
Meanwhile, in 2008 a house situated on the same lot was destroyed by fire when another son, Rambarran, committed an act or arson. Relatives refrained from involving the police in that incident because Rambarran had a young wife. He is now deceased.


  1. I said it before,these people should be banned from ROPE,POISONS,GUNS, and any sharp implements,they are a danger to themselves,king Klung always blogging about Indians,he should spend more time looking at the truth about his people.another senseless act and mostly another king kong going to join the jail brothers

  2. Guyana has to implement tougher laws for the crimes which are destroying the citizens of Guyana at home and abroad. People are more fearful of visiting Guyana because of the crime that can affect just about anyone who visits Guyana. What exactly happened to our Freedom to enjoy Safety and our Pride and joy of our Beautiful Guyana ???????????


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