21 – Y – O Mother allegedly raped by Transport Ministry Employee

The Rape Victim


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The Rape Victim
The Rape Victim

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of Transport & Harbour, Robeson Benn flung into quick action yesterday (November, 14) and immediately fired an employee who has been fingered in the rape of a 21 – year – old mother of one who resides in Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

iNews understands that President of the Women Miner’s Association (WMA), Simona Broomes took the rape victim to Minister Benn after the Police failed to help her.

When the Minister was made aware of what occurred, he immediately fired the man. The young lady said she was heading down Busby Dam, Parika on October 22, 2014 after dropping her son off to the babysitter.

She said she was offered a ride by the man and agreed because it was dark and the man is known to her. However, this proved to be her worst mistake, as she noted that the man started to make sexual advances towards her and even locked the safety on the car doors.

Realizing something was wrong, she started to scream; it was around that time that the father of her child telephoned her and she attempted to explain to him what was happening, however her attacker snatched the phone.

“So I get scared after I saw him driving in another direction and I asked him where he is going and he was like shut your f***ing mouth, you know how long I watching you and want you and you beating styles on me and he start reminding me of an incident he was looking at me in the past and I start crying and I was screaming, however, my child father called my phone at that time and I answered and start screaming asking for help, he took away the phone and threw it under his car seat,” the mother of one said.

She explained that after he raped her, he gave her a Red Bull to wash her face, told her to put on her clothes and gave her $5,000 to keep quiet.

She said a police patrol was passing at the said time and she screamed for help, after which she was taken to the police station, where she made a report.

However, the woman is not satisfied with the police response as no action was taken against the accused. She said it appears as if the police are taking his side.

According to her, it was only after seeking help from the WMA that she has been able to deal with the situation better.

“The guy is still walking around, he saw me a few days back and laughing at me, like he’s still walking around telling his friends yes he had a nice time or whatever it is, it’s really depressing, it’s really hurting me because it is something I have to live with.”

While trying to fight off her attacker, the young lady received several injuries about her body.

WMA President, Simona Broomes said the situation is sickening. She has called for an end to the treatment of woman in this way by the Police and is questioning the whereabouts of the Police file into this matter.

The victim said she was offered a large sum of cash for the matter to be dropped.



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