2016 Budget …Opposition Leader in support of reduction in taxes


Opposition Leader, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo has announced that he will support the Government in any decision to reduce taxes, in particular the Value Added Tax (VAT), which he feels should be reduced from 16 % to 12 %.

Jagdeo made the call during his weekly press conference at Freedom House today.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

He noted that though the PPP/C was not given an opportunity to participate in consultations on the National Budget, the reduction of taxes, which was an APNU/AFC campaign promise, can bring significant relief to the Guyanese public.

The Opposition leader also implored on Government for the reduction of fuel and electricity prices, given the fact that oil prices are significantly low on the world market.

With Budget 2016 presentation being just two days away, Jagdeo has indicated that he expects a substantial increase in the salaries for public servants and the pensions for the elderly population.

He noted that he is also expecting to see considerable measures in place to support the productive sectors including mining and agriculture.



  1. Dw, governments does things differently, when the economy is growing a certain method is used, eg, tax hikes to control inflation. When it’s on the downside like now, lower taxes, cuts in certain social programs and government spending is necessary to boost the economy. Did I make it simple?

  2. Dw you is a real ass…isn’t that what the APNU/AFC was fighting for all the time…wasn’t that their Election campaign that the PPP/ C were bleeding the Guyanese people with that 16% VAT you idiot. It is in their hands now to reduce it; Mr. Jagedeo is doing the right thing urging them to fulfill their promise

  3. 2016 Budget …Opposition Leader in support of reduction in taxes
    Jag bhai you got to be a mad mad man in asking this US installed Illegal PNC regime to reduce anything:
    If they reduce vat- gas and electricity -the illegal PNC dunce for fine ants minister will declare Guyana bankrupt.. you have to wait a little bit mo– PNC big wigs need millions of $$$ for their up coming big big 50th jump up..this is all this PNC regime looking forward to…


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