2 years jail for miner who admitted to stealing employer’s Gold

Rayon Smith
Rayon Smith
Rayon Smith

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Gold Miner accused of stealing a quantity of gold from his employer was sentenced to two years in prison by Magistrate Ann McLennan for the offence of simple larceny on Wednesday, August 26.

The court heard that 25 – year – old Rayon Smith of Malbora, Pomeroom River, on Sunday, August 23at Mazaruni Backdam, North West District, being solely entrusted, he stole 13oz 7 pennyweight of raw gold to the value of $2.8M, which is the property of Neil Archibald Gonsalves, a Dredge owner.

He pleaded guilty to the offence. According to the prosecution, the accused boarded a plane and left the North West for Georgetown after stealing the gold. Gonsalves after discovering the item missing made a formal report to the police.

Smith was later apprehended by the Police, having in his possession only 10oz of raw gold and $ 200,000 cash on his person.



  1. This is a very very strange and confusing country….a poor fellow admitted of an infraction of the law when caught with raw gold entrusted to him by his boss: Most of it was returned . He was promptly charged, placed before the court and sentenced………On the other hand , a senior Government functionary,from the previous administration, admitted that without authorisaton, he took a very large sum of money and is now asking for time to replace it because he has it in his USA bank account. ……This is hog wash and a stinging slap in the face of the new Gov’t…..He was caught in similar fashion with the “loot”. There was an infraction of the law . Yet , from all appearance he would not be charged or placed before the court, muchless pay the requisite pennalty………Guyana is choking with legal mnds ,a pregnant “bar association,” but that’s about it !


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