2 remanded, 1 gets bail for Republic Park robbery


Two men have been remanded to prison while another was released on bail in connection with the robbery under arms committed on a family of Republic Park, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Godfrey Lynch, 25, of Fifth Street Alberttown and Anthony Johnson, 20, of Second Street, Agricola, EBD were charged with two counts of robbery under arms committed on Ryan Rajmangal and his family.

The duo appeared at the Diamond/Grove Magistrates Court today before His Worship Sunil Scarce. They were remanded to prison and the case has been postponed to May 15.

Meanwhile, Gregory Boyce, 35, of Durban and Smyth Streets, Georgetown was charged with receiving stolen property.

Boyce, the brother of Lynch, was charged for receiving one gold chain, property of the Rajmangal’s.

Boyce pleaded not guilty and was granted bail in the some of $75,000. He is expected to return to court on May 15.

On Thursday last at approximately 07:58h, gunmen stormed the home of businessman Ryan Rajmangal and held him and his children at gunpoint.

The incident was seen by the man’s wife who watched helplessly from on a hidden camera in the home. Reports are Rajmangal’s wife suspected that something was amiss after she called her husband’s cellular phone but did not get any response. She then checked the security camera which was remotely connected to her mobile phone.

Upon seeing what was occurring in her home, she contacted the Police and a relative.

The bandits tied and gagged Rajmangal along with his maid. The gunmen escaped with about $1.5 million in cash, a large quantity of jewellery, and several electronic devices, including iPads and cellular phones.