2 fully vaccinated persons, with severe comorbidities, died from Covid-19


Of the 622 persons who have died locally as a result of Covid-19, majority of them were unvaccinated, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony announced today during a press conference.

However, he said two of those fatalities were fully vaccinated persons who had severe comorbidities.

While he did not provide much details on their conditions nor did he reveal their ages, Dr Anthony explained that “their prognoses were bad to begin with”.

He indicated that their deaths were not linked to the vaccines as both patients suffered from a range of illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes and hypertension.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister said there were a few Covid-19 deaths among persons who only had a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, but he noted too that those patients also had severe comorbidities.

Currently, he said 98% of the all the patients at the Infectious Disease Hospital (Ocean View facility) are unvaccinated. The facility is currently accommodating 84 patients, 34 of whom are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Those who are here, almost all of them are unvaccinated. We know, I think, of one person who is vaccinated and that’s it. Everybody else are unvaccinated,” Dr Anthony said.

Countrywide, there are 114 persons hospitalised with Covid-19.

Meanwhile, as of yesterday, 2,336 patients have been admitted to the Ocean View facility to date and of this amount, 2,001 of them recovered. On the other hand, there were 335 deaths recorded at the facility of which 281 were from the ICU.