2 electrocuted while erecting poles for CCTV cameras

Krishna Chan, one of the men who were electrocuted.

Two men were today electrocuted while erecting metal poles to facilitate CCTV cameras at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Krishna Chand, one of the men who were electrocuted.

Two others were also injured after they received burns.

Dead are Krishna Chand, 17, of Lusignan Pasture, East Coast Demerara and Anthon (only name given) of Buxton, ECD.

The two injured men are Altaf Amroa, 24, of West Half, Lusignan, ECD and Brian Culley, 53, a porter of  Vigilance, ECD. They are being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital for minor burns.

Based on reports received, the men were part of two separate teams that were contracted by the Public Security Ministry to erect poles for CCTV cameras.

INews understands that Chand had some wires wrapped around his neck while Anthon and Culley were holding the metal pole which was attached to a lift on the canter.

The top of the pole reportedly came into contact with the high voltage GPL wire, causing Krishna and Anthon to be electrocuted while Amroa received minor injuries and Culley received burnt injuries to the palm of his left hand.

Chand received severe burns to the torso, arms and face beyond recognition while Anthon showed no sign of visible injuries. They were pronounced dead on the spot by paramedics who turned up at the scene.

Their bodies were later transferred to the Lyken’s Funeral Home, awaiting postmortem examination.

At the scene, the subcontractors explained that Anthon was operating the lift to position the poles on its base when one-part metal pole came into contact with the high-tension wire that serves the National Stadium with electricity.