1st year in office…Minister Gaskin says investors regaining confidence in economy

The David Granger administration.

Business Minister Dominic Gaskin has described the first year for the APNU+AFC coalition government as a good one. He stated that investors are regaining confidence in Guyana.

Minister Gaskin was quoted by GINA as saying that it has been a good year, but added that the work has just begun. “We are a government that has been elected for a five-year term, and it will indeed take us five years to significantly improve what we have inherited.’

The David Granger administration.
Members of the David Granger Administration.

Gaskin said that it is against this background that the Ministry of Business has set out its commitment towards improving the “ease of doing business” in Guyana and is currently in the final stages of developing the ministry’s five-year strategic plan.

“We have been placing a lot of emphasis on improving the ease of doing business in Guyana. As most people, especially business people will know, we have not done very well on the Global ease of doing business index over the years,” Gaskin said.

According to GINA, the Minister pointed out that his Ministry has recently received aid from a World Bank team in identifying multi-sectoral issues that affect Guyana’s ranking on the “Ease of doing Business” index.

In addition to this, the ministry has received Cabinet’s approval for the implementation of a single windows automated processing system (SWAPS). This is a trade facilitation programme where companies can transact business with Government agencies through a single electronic window. It allows a submission to be automatically processed by a number of different agencies.

Minister Gaskin noted that all of the sub-agencies and boards under the Ministry of Business have benefited from improved leadership and changes, and there is improved performance from these agencies.









  1. donkey and push carts people will get easy access to conduct their business —great -long live pnc pnc pnc pnc

  2. Propaganda —look at the back drop and this gives a true pic of what the APNU GOV is all about –granga the chief security guard and ppl of his kind where is the diversity and inclusiveness of the other races ?????.


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