19-year-old UG student missing


A 19-year-old Engineering student of the University of Guyana (UG) has gone missing since yesterday (Wednesday) morning leaving his family and friends puzzled as to where the young man might be and if anything serious may have happened to him.

Harris Anthony Persaud, a former student of Queen’s College and a second year student at UG, left his lot 21 Granny Field, Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home around 07:30h on Wednesday to attend classes at the University.

That was the last time his parents and younger sister saw and heard from him.

Anthony Harris Persaud
Missing: Harris Anthony Persaud

INews was told that he would work part-time with the well-known construction company H. Nauth and Sons, and that yesterday after finishing classes, Persaud told a friend of his that he would be “heading to work”.

However, the young man telephoned the company later to notify his superior that he would be unable to work since he had an evening class to attend.

Persaud’s mother told INews moments ago that when they realised it was getting late into the night, she and her husband desperately began trying to make telephone contact with him. Their numerous calls went unanswered and this caused the family to worry throughout the night. When morning hours drew close and they did not hear from their son, they got even more worried since the young man is not known to be the type to stay out late or not return home when he went out anywhere.

“He is not a child that would normally stay out…my husband went to UG and they said they had evening class, Mathematics, and my husband went to reach the lecturer who said that the classes had been postponed…we contacted two of his friends but they don’t know anything…when my son left home he was normal, there was no problem,” the mother tearfully explained.

She told INews that Persaud left his home wearing a blue shirt and a tie, navy blue jeans and construction boots.

“He is my only son, the elder of my two children…my husband is out since 4:am searching for him, he is my baby,” she painfully stated.

The family of Harris Anthony Persaud is asking anyone with information as to his whereabouts to kindly contact them on 257-0129, 678-6950, 647-9923 or to telephone the nearest police station.



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