19-year-old dental assistant drowns on holiday outing

Gopaul Govindan

A Corentyne family is now grieving the loss of their loved one who reportedly drowned following an outing with his friends on Phagwah day.

Dead is 19-year-old Gopaul Govindan, a dental assistant of Allness Village, Corentyne.
Based on reports received, the teen left his home at around 14:00hrs on Sunday afternoon in the company of his friends to go to the “seashore.”
However, relatives told this online publication that approximately three hours later, they received reports from his friends that the teen had gone into the water and failed to surface.
Inews understands that upon rushing to the location, persons were forced to wait before they could enter the water to look for the teen, since the tide was high.
Unfortunately, when relatives were able to conduct the search, it proved to be too late. Govindan’s body was washed ashore a short while later.
An investigation has been launched and the friends of the teen were taken into police custody for questioning.
The dental assistant leaves to mourn his mother, father and three siblings among other relatives and friends.


  1. Guyana has to start employing ”Lifeguards” to patrol beaches at certain critical tides to discourage people from venturing into the waters or even provide rescue service in an emergency.
    We are so backward when it comes to so many simple, basic safety matters.
    Deepest sympathy to the relatives. It hurts !….I had a brother who lost his life by ”drowning” years ago ..RIP. Gopaul.


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