182,000 second doses Sputnik V vaccine outstanding – Dr Anthony


Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony today revealed that some 182,000 second doses of the Sputnik V vaccine are outstanding from government’s purchase order but assured that they will arrive within the necessary timeframe for persons to receive their second jabs.

Responding to concerns raised on social media, the Health Minister clarified that a first order of 400,000 doses of the vaccine was placed; 2000,000 first doses and 200,000 second doses. Guyana has already received the 200,000 first doses as well as 61,000 of the second doses.

The country then placed a second order for 86,000 doses comprising of 43,000 first doses and 43,000 second doses. Guyana has received all of the first doses but none of the second doses from this order.

As such, in total, the country is still awaiting the arrival of second doses from both purchase order, representing a total of 182,000 doses.

On May 27, the Health Ministry had announced that no second doses are available for Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine following a delay in supplies. And to date, the country remains without second doses.

The Health Minister speculated that this long delay in shipment could be due to global events, particularly spikes of Covid-19 cases in Russia.

“There are various spikes around the globe and you have in Moscow itself, you have spikes, new cases especially with the Delta variant and in Moscow they have increased vaccination. So I think, globally, there will be an issue of supply,” he explained.

Nevertheless, he reiterated that persons who have already received their first dose Sputnik V can wait up to 12 weeks to receive the second dose. Dr Anthony also assured that the second doses will arrive well within that timeframe.

“We have not exceeded that 12-weeks yet…and we are working very hard to get the second doses in before that 12-weeks expire…I am reassured that we will get it before that 12-weeks expire,” he posited.

In the meantime, the Health Minister is encouraging persons to take their first doses. “We have enough first dose right now, that does not stop you from making sure you come out and get your first dose vaccine,” he said, assuring that the second doses will arrive in the country on time.

To date, 229,053 persons have received a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, representing 47.1% of the population.

A total of 101,246 persons or 20.8% of the population is now fully inoculated. “I think this is a milestone worth celebrating,” Dr Anthony said.