18 – Year – old in custody for murder of Soesdyke Taxi Driver


[www.inewsguyana.com] – iNews has been reliably informed that an 18 – year – old male was late Sunday held for questioning in relation to the suspected rape and murder of Soesdyke Taxi Driver, Savitri Gangadeen.

The suspect has been identified as Carlos Parma. The nude body of the 33 – year – old was found early Sunday morning (February 16) in a clump of bushes some two miles from her abandoned car in Timerhi.

The sister of the dead mother of two told iNews that she left her Soesdyke home around 20:30hrs on Saturday night and told her husband that she was going to drop two persons to a ‘loom pit’ in Timerhi and took her son along with her.

She said when the husband attempted to contact Gangadeen minutes later, all calls went unanswered. Gangadeen’s husband apparently got concerned and went in search of his wife in the company of several members of the Community Policing Group.

Her car was found at a loom pit with the woman’s clothes inside and her son asleep. The dead woman’s sister said the husband claimed they heard screams but instead of pursuing those screams, the police arrested him since they suspected that he may have been involved in the woman’s disappearance.

He spent the entire night in police custody. It was only this morning when police returned to the area that Gangadeen’s nude body was discovered.

The dead woman’s sister was very furious with the manner in which police handled the situation and believes her sister may have still been alive, had the police pursued the reported screams.



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