18 – Y – O sent to jail for armed robbery

Kevin Lenard
Kevin Lenard
Kevin Lenard

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Kevin Lenard (no address given) was yesterday sentenced to 24 months imprisonment on a robbery under arm charge.

The 18-year-old defendant was found guilty to the charge which alleged that on September 15 at High Street, Georgetown, being together with another and armed with a knife he robbed Brian Harry of cash $15,000.

The facts stated that on the day in question around 04:00 am, a dark skin man wearing a white cap scrambled him [Harry] and placed a knife around his belly. The defendant reportedly used that opportunity to remove the cash from the victim’s pants pocket.

Later the defendant saw Harry and two friends sitting on a chair at Front Road Park, in the vicinity of Footsteps’ store and he managed to join a minibus and evade Harry and his friends.

As it turn out the evasion was short live, since the minibus driver drove the said minibus to the Brickdam Police station.

The Court heard that at the Police station, Harry reported the incident and identified the convict as his attacker.

In his defence, the unrepresented man chose to give unsworn statements and decline to call witnesses.

Magistrate Latchman, having considered all the mitigating factors, nature of the offence, prevalence and the need to prohibit the convict and other from committing such offences handed down her sentence.  



  1. he get 24 months..he will get free food and housing.. the thing is he 18 yrs old…big and strong and healthy..but boy oh boy he cant find wok..wok is foreign to him..gat to smell dat sweat..hell no..i ent woking when i could place a weapon to someone throat and take what they have because i bigger and stronger than them.. he will relax there and in a few months he will be out and will graduate from knife to gun..he will never one day work for a living but law makers dont get that..


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