18-Y-O male rape victim still hospitalized; mother cries for justice

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.
The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 18 – year – old male who accused ten men including his friend of drugging and gang raping him on Old Year’s Night (December 31, 2014) is slowly regaining consciousness, according to his mother.

The teen was unconscious for almost seven days after the ordeal, which has left him bed stricken at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

During a visit to the hospital on Tuesday, January 14, the teenager’s mother told iNews that she was informed by doctors that her son was raped repeatedly and that he is now traumatized and in a state of shock.

She said the teen was able to tell them what the men did to him before he lost consciousness. The teen still remains in a critical condition and is unable to speak. His mother also told iNews that yesterday morning her son opened his eyes and attempted to speak but was unable to do so.

She said that doctors there were reluctant to examine him and only did so when she insisted. She said that her son met the prime suspect in the alleged gang rape at a supermarket where the two worked. The suspect was in police custody but was released on bail.

The frustrated mother said that her son also implicated the Uncle of the friend and according her, after the boys raped him, the uncle threw her son out of the house and threatened to shoot him.

The mother said her heart breaks for her son and is praying that he comes out if this situation alive. She also expressed concerns about the type of life her son will live given the fact that he is already being discriminated.

The woman also noted that she was told that the police are unable to take action against the accusers since her son is unable to give a statement. The mother is outraged at this and noted that the medical report shows that her son was repeatedly raped. The woman said she is being pushed around by the police who seem not to care.

She is hoping the police would become more active and work to ensure her son receives justice. She described her son as hard working, jovial and loving.

The woman also denied claims that her son is mentally challenged, but admitted that he has a physical disability; however she maintains that he is mentally stable.




  1. … keep God out of it Kind Lady, justice is the affordability, our Country demands it… u demands it. The shame is on you who fails do do anything, something.

  2. Prayers are for people who do not want to help or get involved, How many crimes you have seen and turn the other way. If you live in Guyana … Have you reported that speeding mini-bus you were in that hit the child crossing on the crosswalk? Do you know failing to report a crime is an offence. Go be self righteous…

  3. Why can human being be so heartless, i feel it so much even though i dnt know that boy, oh god you got give this boy justice, i would keep this family in prayer, come on police men do sum thing quick it’s you ppl who have to protect we the ppl of Guyana, i wud b so happy to see those wicked beast put behind bars.

  4. This is very sad there is so many women in the world and these mengoing and have sex with men what is our world turning to God please help our country and some of the people in it please give that poor woman justice God is on his throne he his going to heal him and he is going to aveng his attackers of rape this is so sad. The police must do something

  5. This is one of the reasons why these crimes are happening in our country its because the crime fighters are not doing their job and we must just endure it. If this continues to happen, our society will have to start taking action against these beasts. I still can’t believe that they are still free. They should be locked up and put away for a really long time and not just under rape charge but under attempted murder and possession of illegal drugs. If this is not taken care of I’m sure there will be a riot…

  6. So sad living in this country and cannot get any justice, what a shame. Mother of child pray and god will give you justice and heal your son.god never fails


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