15 – Year – old impregnated at school’s dormitory


A 15 – year – old female student of the Pomona Secondary School on the Essequibo Coast is four months pregnant.

According to reports, the child who lived in at the school’s dormitory during the last term was discovered pregnant after feeling unwell at her mother’s house in the Charity Housing Scheme last Monday.

The mother of the young woman said she went for her daughter at the school dormitory after school closed on July 6 but did not noticed her abdomen showing any signs of pregnancy.

The mother said her daughter, who lived with her aunt in the Charity Housing Scheme would visit her from time to time. She said her daughter came to her house last Monday and ate, after which she vomited several times.

According to the mother, she was rushed to the Charity Hospital where she was given saline and a pregnancy test which confirmed that she was four months pregnant.

The mother, who broke down in tears while speaking to the media said she was in shock and started to scream in the hospital after a doctor broke the news to her.

She said her daughter had two years six months more at school before writing the CXC examinations.

According to the woman, her daughter told her that an age able man took advantage and impregnated her. She said she also learned that the man took her daughter to a hotel at Henrietta one night and to several night spots around the Town of Anna Regina and Charity.

The mother is calling on the Police, the Ministry of Human Services and the Ministry of Education to launch a full investigation into the matter.

[Rajendra Prabhulall]



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