14-year-old student missing, family seeking help in locating her

Missing: Rayana Outram
Missing: Rayana Outram

The family of a 14-year-old Covent Garden student is now pleading with the public for their assistance in locating the teen who went missing on Wednesday last.

Missing is Rayana Outram, of Section “A”, Block “Y” Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara.

Speaking to INews on Tuesday afternoon, the teenager’s grandmother, Sheila Outram explained that on May 30, 2018, at about 16:30hrs, Rayana asked for permission to go to “First Bridge” to uplift a flash drive from a friend.

Sheila said she granted the permission and told her granddaughter to return soon. However, as the afternoon went into the evening, the child failed to turn up.

As such, Rayana’s worried father visited the Golden Grove Police Station on Thursday morning and reported the matter. He was then informed by police that the matter would only be looked into after the 14-year-old had been missing for 48 hours.

“So he went back again on Friday to report the matter again,” Sheila explained.

This online publication was informed that prior to her disappearance; Rayana’s father had visited her school and received multiple complaints about the teen’s behaviour.

“Her father said he went to her school last week and the teachers were giving him a set of complaints about her not doing her work and doing things she’s not supposed to be doing,” the distraught grandmother recounted.

The teen is alleged to not own a cell phone and her family has indicated that since her disappearance, she has not been in contact with them.

Rayana resides with her grandparents, father and another sibling.

Her mother, who is said to be dwelling in an interior location presently, only learnt that the teen was missing on Monday afternoon.

Anyone with information leading to the child’s whereabouts are asked to contact her father or grandparents on 592-613-3550/ 592-216-0048 or the nearest police station.



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