Coalition confident of Linden’s “traditional” support – Granger


President David Granger on Sunday said he is counting on the “traditional” support of Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), to secure the re-election of the incumbent APNU/AFC coalition for another term in office.

He was at the time addressing supporters at a rally in the mining town.

“I’ve come tonight to Linden with confidence – confidence in your common sense, confident in your tradition of support for the party which come out and work for Linden and Region 10… I know that on 2nd of March, you will go out there and vote for the coalition that you love, vote for [a] leader that you know will support Region 10,” the APNU Leader posited.

The President noted that Region 10 is powerful and has mineral potential, timber potential, agricultural potential but most importantly, human potential. It was against this background, he pointed out that the Burnham Education Scholarship Trust was established and has seen over 80 students from the region benefiting to date.

President David Granger and Mrs Granger in Linden on Sunday

Granger went on to talk of the benefits of his signature project, the Five Bs Initiative (Boats, Bicycle, Buses, Books and Breakfast).

Moreover, he reiterated plans to establish technical institutes in all 10 regions of Guyana.

Already, the APNU Leader stated, the coalition has plugged some $155 million into the establishment of the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN).


Shifting his attention to job creation, the APNU Leader recognised that many young people are without employment.

“We will provide a safety net to make sure they don’t hit the ground, they don’t have to lime at street corners. We will make sure that those young people receive employment. During this Decade of Development, we will provide employment facilities for young people,” he asserted.

On this note, President Granger pointed out that Region 10 can expand its activities. For example, from mining to jewellery making, wood cutting to furniture making and even into agriculture.

“Young people can go into manufacturing and we will help these micro-enterprises so that Guyana starts [to] export the goods that it produces – agro-processing. There is no reason, Linden, why people must bring vegetables from Parika to sell in Linden… You can produce it yourself and you can use your manufacturing skills and expertise to package stuff,” he stressed.

A section of the crowd on Sunday in Linden

According to the Head of State, he has already seen this starting to happen at the Regional Agricultural and Commercial Exhibition that was held in Linden.

Turning his attention to infrastructural development, President Granger said he envisions roads connecting the entire country so that citizens can drive from Kwakwani across the Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo Rivers to Karasabai.

Granger pointed out that development has been moving apace over the last five years under the coalition party, adding that this will continue when it secures a victory at the upcoming polls.

Meanwhile, his running mate, Khemraj Ramjattan in his remarks said much has been accomplished under the coalition with much being spent in Linden in the areas of security and infrastructural works.

“Coalition politics is here to stay…and it shall seal national unity which will make this country the greatest country in the Caribbean,” Ramjattan said.