132 workers affected as Oldendorff closes operations in Guyana


Transshipment operations in Guyana. [Oldendorff Photo]
Over 100 workers stand to be affected as Oldendorff Carriers Guyana Inc. (OCGI) begins to wind-down its operations in Guyana.

See full statement below:

Since 2005, Oldendorff Carriers Guyana Inc. (OCGI) has been performing a barging and transshipment operation for bauxite exports on the Berbice River.

Unfortunately, OCGI’s customer in Guyana has decided to suspend and mothball its operation in Guyana and thus not to extend the operational contract with OCGI.

Consequently, OCGI is forced to wind down operations in Guyana. OCGI currently employs 132 Guyanese in the Berbice region.

OCGI yesterday delivered the Letters of Notice to the office of the Chief Labour Officer and to the workers’ union.

The company will work closely with the Chief Labour Officer to ensure that the wind-down is done in accordance with Guyanese law.

The company will also work together with the Ministry of Social Protection and the Department of Labour to ensure that all employees receive their due compensation under Guyanese law. Wherever possible, OCGI will work with our employees, the government and other stakeholders to redeploy employees affected by the wind-down.

It is with the deepest regret that OCGI must close its operations in Guyana. Over the past 15 years, OCGI has developed a very dedicated and loyal workforce who have performed very well, often under difficult conditions.

OCGI is very proud of what it has achieved together with its employees in Guyana. OCGI has developed wonderful working relationships with the people of Guyana, particularly in New Amsterdam and up the Berbice River, and the company is truly sad to leave this beautiful country.