104 and still “as wonderful as can be”…Guyanese Centenarian to celebrate another milestone in May


Thousands of persons throughout the world often wish that they could live to the ripe old age of 100, but only a privileged few can say that they have reached this milestone.

It is even rarer to find elderly folks celebrating more birthdays after they have commemorated that century mark, but here in Guyana there are a few persons who have been blessed with such longevity and good health. Olive Blackmore, a resident of Cummings Street, Georgetown, is one of such persons. She will be 105 years old in a month’s time and is expected to have a grand celebratory party hosted by her relatives and other loved ones.

Happy to be alive! Mrs. Olive Blackmore turns 105 years old next month. (GINA photo)
Happy to be alive! Mrs. Olive Blackmore turns 105 years old next month. (GINA photo)

Originally from the Charlestown village, where she was born on May 23, 1911, she eventually moved after being married and becoming the mother of 10 children, eight of whom are still alive today.

Though she may not be “as fit as a fiddle” this elderly woman is still vibrant with a pleasant and lovable personality.

Her nurse, who has been taking care of her for the past three years, told INews in an interview today that the elderly woman is “nothing short of wonderful” and she would occasionally sing and dance for her audience at home.

Blackmore is described as a “church going Catholic person” who on every morning when she awakes, recites the “Holy Rosary Prayer”.

According to the nurse, the aged woman is a hearty eater who manages to feed herself without the assistance of anyone and remains as active as she possibly can.

“She hears on one side so when you speak to her you have to speak on that side but she fully understands and answers accordingly…her memory occasionally fails her, like it comes and goes, but most times she is alright. She would talk about people we don’t know, places and events and even tell us stories of her life before we were born,” the woman’s caretaker added.

: President David Granger with Mrs. Olive Blackmore as her relatives and members of her church say a prayer. (GINA photo)
President David Granger with Mrs. Olive Blackmore, as her relatives and members of her church say a prayer. (GINA photo)

Meanwhile, President David Granger paid a visit to the centenarian’s home earlier today (Thursday).

Although Blackmore’s birthday is on May 23, the President is not sure whether he will be able to visit her then, since his schedule for the month of May is packed due to the country’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

“It’s good to be here on behalf of the Government of Guyana to honour a citizen, who was born when people didn’t even have watches or radios or cell phones…, there are so many similarities between her and my own mother, who also lived in Charlestown. Had my mother been alive today she would have been 111 [years old].  I hope that Mrs. Blackmore can live comfortably for the rest of her days and that her health would hold up,” the President said at the home of Blackmore.





  1. Wonderful! Happy birthday to you Mrs. Blackmore when it comes on May 23rd. You look wonderful for your age. I hope I live to see your age!


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