100 land titles for distribution in Linden by September

Junior Minister of Communities, Keith Scott and some residents of the Linden Community.
Junior Minister of Communities, Keith Scott and some residents of the Linden Community.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –The Ministry of Communities is currently working to regularize squatting areas in Linden and is making preparations to process more than 100 land titles in the mining town by September.

Junior Minister of Communities, Keith Scott recently visited the area where he outlined the government’s development plans which include the provision of infrastructure for basic utilities.

“Minister Scott assured the Regional Authorities including Regional Chairman Rennis Morian and Chairman of the Linden Interim Management Committee Orin Gordon that the Ministry will be working assiduously to address the many issues in the housing and water sectors in Region 10. Areas visited include Wisroc, Amelia’s Ward, and Block 22 and Blue Berry Hill,” a press statement from the Ministry of Communities noted.

According to the release, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is currently working with the Land Registry to process land titles for Block 22 Wisroc.

“It is expected that by September, over 100 titles will be processed and ready for distribution. The Authority anticipates this would motivate other residents to pay for their lots to begin the titling process,” the statement pointed out.

Minister Scott also visited the Guyana Water Incorporated water treatment plant at Wisroc, which was recently constructed. Another plant has been constructed at Amelia’s Ward. These two plants have the capacity to supply water to the communities in Linden.

The Minister expressed CH&PA’s readiness to hand over communities including Ameila’s Ward Phase 1, to the Municipality. The revenue earned could assist the Municipality with providing vital services to the communities.


  1. Can the new government do something new….de ppl don get land c dem get work light road water.its like puting iceing on iceinhg cake.do wat is need and not want.

  2. I read with much interest the proposed plans for the housing sector in Linden…Nothing was said much about phase 3 Amelia’s ward. I have paid for my land since February 2012 and still awaiting land title…the land titles that are being process must include everyone who have made full payments for their respective lands…and not just Wisroc residents.
    When will infrastructure such as water and electricity be install in phase 3 Amelia’s ward


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