100 households affected after breach at Little Diamond koker


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) received reports yesterday, April 25, that the area of Little Diamond and the Little Diamond Squatting Area experienced flooding in some parts due to a breach at the nearby dam.

Approximately 100 households were affected and residents sustained damages to property and loss of livestock.

The Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) worked along with the CDC to assess the situation and distributed 100 cleaning hampers to residents. At 12 noon on April 25 the water had receded almost completely.

However, at around 04:00hrs today, another breach was reported.

The water this time, was much more significant and affected more residents in both the Little Diamond and Little Diamond Squatting Areas.

Households sustained even more damages.

The Ministries of Home Affairs, Public Works, and Agriculture, the NDC, CDC, National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), and BK Inc., the contractors responsible for repairing the breach, were all present and assessing the situation.

The relevant Ministers visited the affected areas and conducted assessments. In tandem with CDC, these ministries and the NDC are working to provide support to the residents of the two areas. A house – to – house assessment is currently being conducted, while food and cleaning hampers are distributed simultaneously. Additionally, the contractors are working to repair the breach immediately since high tide is expected this afternoon and early tomorrow morning. The situation is monitored closely and updates will follow.