10-yr-old killed after struck down by cop’s car


A 10-year-old child was on Sunday evening killed after a Police Constable, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, slammed into a parked car and then into the child, who was riding along the Sisters Village Public Road, West Bank Demerara.

Devin Sealey
Devin Sealey

Devin Sealey, of Lot 904 Sisters Village, was reportedly struck by the car driven by the Policeman in the vicinity of the Sisters Village Post Office while on his way to collect money from his father.

According to reports received, the driver of the car lost control while negotiating a turn and slammed into a parked car after which he struck the lad and ended up crashing into a utility pole in the area.

He also sustained injuries and was presently hospitalised at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

At the home of the dead lad yesterday, his father, Deon Sealey explained that he left his son home on Sunday evening and went to meet his brother at his mother’s house.

He noted that while there, his reputed wife informed him that she was sending the child to collect some money to give to someone. He noted that as he waited on the child, he heard the screeching tyres of the car coming around the turn followed by a loud impact. He said from all indications, the car crashed into a parked car, so he went to check on the driver.

The car that was driven by the Police Constable
The car that was driven by the Police Constable

As he rushed to the scene, he saw his son lying on the roadway. He panicked and rushed home to his reputed wife and told her that their son was struck down. He was then accompanied by the woman back to the site, but the lad from all appearances was already dead. He was picked up by a church member who took him to the hospital.

“He hand break up, he foot break up and so… he de already dead… I can’t see a Police Officer drinking and driving so reckless…and to know meh son just come out the Post Office Street and this car slammed into he,” the father said in anguish.

He noted that his son was pronounced dead on arrival at the West Demerara Regional Hospital. The grieving father said when he visited the police station, he was told to return on Monday, but when he went back, he was told that owing to the injuries the Police rank sustained, his colleagues were unable to take a statement.

The car into which the Police Officer slammed before hitting the lad
The car into which the Police Officer slammed before hitting the lad

Sealey is hoping that the Policeman responsible for his son’s death faces the full brunt of the law. The mother of the child, who sat on the stairway of the home, was in tears and was being consoled by relatives. She recounted that her son was a loving child who was always willing to help.

She noted that she was at home when she saw her reputed husband running towards her breathlessly and thought that something was amiss. As he neared her, he screamed that Devin was struck down. Without hesitation, she rushed to the scene only to see her son’s lifeless body on the roadway.

She, too, is hoping that the Police carry out a thorough investigation and institute charges against the driver who is supposed to know the law. “A Policeman should know that drinking and driving is an offence… he shouldn’t even go to court… just put he in jail,” she added.

The lad leaves to mourn his parents and five siblings. However, the Police have confirmed that the Police rank was tested and it was proven that he was over the legal alcohol limit. The Police are continuing their investigations. (Guyana Times)


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