1 year later…Corentyne mother still seeking justice for daughter killed in road accident


It has been more than one year later, and a mother is still seeking justice for her six-year-old daughter who was killed in a road accident.

To date, the driver responsible has  not been placed before the court.

On March 27, 2019, Arianna Lowenfield reportedly ran across the Eversham Public Road and was hit by a speeding car. She was taken to the Skeldon Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The former pupil of Eversham Primary was sent to a nearby shop to make a purchase and whilst in the vicinity of Eversham Bridge, the accident occurred.

The police had stated that the young pedestrian suddenly ran from west to east from behind a lorry that was proceeding north and came into contact with the front of the hire car.

The child’s mother Oma Devi Bascom says it seems as though authorities have written off the matter.

“The first morning when we went to the Number 51 Police Station, they ask, ‘what we go to the Station for?’ They say if they get anything, they will call we. Since then they never call or say anything. We keep going and find out, but they say no paper come yet from Town [Georgetown] and one year past and nothing form anyone,” the mother lamented during an interview with this publication.

Bascom said she was last told that the file on the matter was with the DDP, but she feels that it is something a bit more than that.

“I want the paper to come and let us go to court. I need justice for my child. It is one year since she dead and nobody saying anything,” the grieving woman said.

The past year, she added, has been a difficult one for the family.

Police had initially carried out a breathalyser test on the 34-year-old driver of the car bearing license plate number HC 2523, but no trace of alcohol was detected.