1 injured as two fires hit West Berbice



Two fires were on Friday recorded along the West Coast of Berbice (WCB).

One of the fires destroyed a building at Number Nine Village while the other gutted a house at Number 41 Village.

In total, five persons were left homeless while one man sustained first-degree burns.

According to Divisional Fire Officer Floyd McDonald, the origin of one of the fires is electrical in nature while the other is as a result of a child playing with matches.

Reports are that shortly after 16:00h on Friday, smoke was seen coming from a section of a building at Number 41 Village.

McDonald said 29-year-old Leon Omar received first-degree burns as a result of that fire. The unemployed man reportedly went into the burning building to save valuables but was pushed back by the heat, resulting in him receiving the injuries.
He was taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was admitted.

McDonald said a child was playing with matches that ignited combustible material which eventually spread throughout the one-story wooden building. The building and its content were completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, at Number Nine Village, neighbours formed a bucket brigade and were able to extinguish the fire which started at around midday.

Household items were damaged but villagers were able to save the building from total destruction.