1 injured as fire destroys Bagotstown house


A 56-year-old woman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital this morning after a fire broke out at a Bagotstown Public Road, East Bank Demerara house.

The two-storey building was occupied by two families – six upstairs where the now injured woman resided and another three persons in the lower flat. The fire occurred sometime around 10:30h.

The daughter of the injured woman, Nadisha Yusuf, explained that she and her mother were sleeping in the upstairs room when her aunt from downstairs rushed up and alerted them of the fire.

At the same time, her cousin’s wife and their son were also sleeping in the second room upstairs.

Nadisha said that her mother is sickly and so she assisted her to get out the house.

“The whole hall and the bathroom was already on fire when we come out [of the room]. The fire was starting to spread to the room,” the young woman related.

It was while they were heading down the stairs that the woman fell and got burnt on her feet.

It is suspected that the fire was electrical in nature.

INews understands that the house was being renovated and the electricians went to do some work Friday night.

The family believes that this could have caused the fire, which they say started in the ceiling of the upper flat of the house located at the back of the building which houses the Med X Pharmacy on the Bagotstown Public Road.