1 in custody for iNews reporter robbery


…suspect nabbed while attempting to sell laptop

Just hours after bandits broke into the car belonging to a soon-to-be wed couple from the media, within the vicinity of the Georgetown Marriott Hotel on Saturday, a suspect has been taken into custody after attempting to sell an item which was stolen during the robbery.
Bandits had smashed a window to gain entry into the car parked on Battery Road, Kingston, as popular iNews reporter Ramona Luthi and her fiancé were in a pre-wedding photo shoot around 16:00h.

The car that was broken into

The robbers managed to cart off the laptop computer, two camera lenses, a battery pack and several storage devices, as well as a handbag containing several important documents and a quantity of cash belonging to the couple and the photographer, all of whom are members of the media. Altogether, these items carry a value in excess of $500,000.
Shortly after the incident, a prospective buyer of the Asus laptop computer, which went missing from the car, cancelled the transaction based on the suspicious actions of the perpetrator who was on a mission to sell the stolen item.

Journalist, Ramona Luthi

The woman instead contacted the Police, allowing for ranks to intercept the suspect who was nabbed with the stolen item in his possession. In addition, one of the hard drives which were taken from the car was also retrieved.
Meanwhile, the man has been taken into custody where his fingerprints are expected to be cross-checked with those that were lifted from the damaged vehicle.
Investigations into the matter continue.



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