1 arrested, 2 on the run after stealing $1.8M in items from a Stabroek Market jewellery stall


One of three suspects was arrested in the wee hours today after breaking into a jewellery stall in the Stabroek Market and escaping with a quantity of items totalling $1.8 million.

These include: a quantity of silver and gold Jewellery valued at $1,400,000; $300,000 cash, and a quantity of wallets and belts valued at $100,000.

Police say that the stall owner, a 47-year-old businesswoman, secured the premises on Friday afternoon and left. However, at about 04:30hrs today ranks from the City Constabulary were on foot patrol duty around the Stabroek Market area, when they heard loud banging sounds coming from inside of the market.

Upon opening the gates and entering the market, they observed three males running away through the meat section in the market.

The ranks gave chase and apprehended one of the males who dropped a blue coloured gift bag while the other two escaped.

A search was carried out on his person by the said City Police ranks and a transparent plastic bag containing cash and a quantity of gold and silver jewellery were found in his crotch.

The jewellery bag also contained a quantity of silver jewellery.

The suspect was arrested and placed in custody at Brickdam Police Station. Efforts are being made to apprehend his other two accomplices as investigations are in progress.