$1.3B to support culture and arts in Guyana

A Guyanese delegation conducting a cultural performance during Dubai Expo 2020

The PPP/C administration is seeking to spend a significant $1.3B to support culture and arts in Guyana, including $100 million to establish a fund dedicating to promoting culture and the arts.

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh explained that last year, over 200 artistes including singers, dancers, poets and musicians benefited from the 16 virtual events including the One Guyana Concert, the Independence, and Christmas Concert as well as the Guyana Talent Search which were aimed at developing and showcasing the Guyanese creative prowess.

This year, $157.7 million is budgeted for the hosting of these events including, an additional, Guyana Cultural Festival.

The sum of $7.5 million is also budgeted for the observance of the National Trust’s 50th anniversary with planned activities including the launch of a pictorial book on Guyana’s cultural landscape.

Dr Singh noted that the government is also examining various options to expand its support to the country’s young and emerging artistes.