$1.270B passed for Health Services in Region Three


An estimated $1.270B was approved for current expenditure of Region Three (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara)’s Health Services programme for 2018, by the Committee of Supply on Wednesday, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has reported. 

According to Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, $379.65 million will go towards the purchase of drugs and medical supply for the region.

“It is anticipated that the bulk of the money will be warranted for central procurement and a small percent will be retained in the region for purchases”, he explained.

Additionally, the sum of $42M current expenditure will be allocated to the maintenance of buildings within the region. A motion was moved in the National Assembly and the current expenditure for Health Services stood as part of the estimate, DPI reported.

Moreover, the sum of $74.5M of capital expenditure also stood as part of the budget for Health Services in the region. This will see the provision for health facilities, the purchase of medical equipment and the purchase of boat, engines and motorcycles.

Following requests were made by the Opposition for a layover of several documents for various categories of the current and capital expenditures, Minister Bulkan assured that these would be provided within a 48 hour, DPI said.


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