‎Parliament to meet within 14 days to address Govt. agenda- President

Former President Donald Ramotar.

(www.inewsguyana.com) – President Donald Ramotar has directed that steps be taken to convene a sitting of the National Assembly within the next 14 days.  
ParliamentAccording to an Office of the President release: “Having been apprised of the Leader of the Opposition’s recent statement in the media with regard to talks between himself and the President, there is no longer any benefit to the country for any further delays in convening a sitting of the National Assembly.

“The Government reiterates its position that the convening of a sitting of the National Assembly must be done in accordance with the Standing Orders and long cherished parliamentary practices.”
The Government says it “has a number of pending legislative matters before the House prior to the annual recess. Further there are important financial papers relating to the development of the country and growth of the economy that need to be urgently addressed.‎’


  1. I sorry for Guyana. Its always us and them, Indian and African, what a nasty place. You cannot discuss without it boiling down to race.

  2. i said long now..tratman de buggerer had it in his power to recall parliament..the debate was done and all they had to do was take their vote no confidence.
    ppp must now give dem clowns what they want..let dem bring de no confidence crap..let them all combined with afc US UK PNC PNCR PNCRIG …once the elections are FREE FAIR TRANSPARENT VIOLENCE FREE they cant beat PPP & PPPC….Guyanese masses done see what would happen to Guyana if these opposition clowns are given a chance to Govern…The dont tipped their hand that they intend on giving their best buddies a big shot at getting back their money that was donated to afc because they were told they would win..


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